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Chimney Belt Alu Bend P

Chimney Belt Alu Bend P

(pleated aluminum)

Chimney belt type Alu bend P allows you to finish the chimney and to sealing of other elements of the roof.

Characteristics of the Chimney Belt type Alu bend P:

This is an ideal protection against the infiltration of rainwater and melting snow. The product of the wave pattern can be easily adapted to the most complex surfaces. Finishing material is flexible, durable and weather resistant.

Accessories: Chimney Belt type Alu Bend P

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 D5000 L300  AB3D 300  1/carton 40 mb Order

Sheets and colors: Extruded aluminum coated both sides with polyester paint. Black 9005; brick 8004, bronze 8019, anthracite (graphite), 7021, cherry (red), 3004; chestnut 8015

Butyl: Zakładka folia dzielona, kolor czarny, duża lepkość do podłoża.