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Roof Accessories

System accessories for roofers

Our offer includes fixing accessories such as:

  • Roof clips
  • Brackets

and protective roofing accessories:

  • Ridge Belts
  • Chimney Belts
  • Roofing Membranes

These are the components protecting the roof from the changing weather conditions, increasing its durability and enhance your safety. The component parts of the structure, which directly and indirectly affect the usability of coverage. On certain points of the roof, you need to fix it with some elements such as ridge tiles, ridge patches, patches dorsal and roof tiles. We offer the highest quality of roof accessories. During the production process we select high quality materials so that our products are among the best in Poland. Read more

Roof tile clips

Tips about their use...

Tips about their use...

Roof tile clips strengthen roofs tile construction so you could have tight and safe roof for long years. Tile accessories protect roofs from humidity and strong wind. Clips enable to arrange them tight, lessening the risk of gaps among them. The protection against humidity is based not only on foil but also on tight tiles arrangement (using clips) - no gaps and appropriate surface gradient makes the water dribble down because of gravitation and it doesen't leak under the roof tiles. Read more

Mounting and braces

Number of clips for mounting the tiles

Number of clips for mounting the tiles

The minimum number of fixings per square meter of on the roof depends on the roof structure and roofing manufacturer's recommendations. The number of mountings is influenced by the shape of the roof and height of on the roof ridge. The exception to this rule is specific place on the roof, which includes: ridge tiles, the peak and eaves. Here, it is recommended to install each tile using pins... Read more

Crest fixing

Ridge beam bracket

Ridge beam bracket

Ridge beam bracket finds its appliance in precise fixing of the crest and other roof accessories. The bracket may be zinc plate or zinc nail and plate. Usually ridge beam bracket is fixed on the face of the panel. Eave panels are nailed to the front board or ganders on the top of the roofs. Ridge beam bracket is a mechanically fixed nail made of metal plate resistant to activities of long-term atmospheric factors such as frost, rain, damp Read more

Dimension of patch and counter batten,
dimension of roof tile clips

Sketch of the beam

Width of patch depends on base between rafters.
Thick laying of rafter allows in practice on employment of thinnest counter batten. The standard applies patches with dimensions of 40x50mm or 50x60mm.
Base of patch depends on recommendations of producers of tiles and accounts of inclinations of roofs surfaces. Not less important for their dimensions are also used roof tile clips sizes, depending on the type of tiles. It is possible to use greatest patches at employment of U roof clip sticked from the top for surface perpendicularly. These patches can be placed long side parallel to the surface, which does not adversely affect the bracket used.


How do roof covering


The performance of roof coverings and matching accessories , pay attention to the way of overlapping with patches corresponding to the dimensions of the roof tiles. Patches should be installed in parallel. Their spacing depends on the angle of inclination of the roof and tile manufacturer's recommendations. Professional arrangement of patches can fix the roof elements in compliance with the roofing art and standards. Obsolete way to combine the tiles with cement mortar or cement-lime leads to cracking of tiles. The use of roof tile clips provides a flexible and resistant to weather changes structure. Read more