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How to order

Making orders

1. Each order should be sent by mail or fax on the form including the specification of the ordered goods and their quantity. The order form is available at our regional sales representatives and on our web sie dachspin.pl.

2. The orders may also be sent to our e-mail: zamowienia@dachspin.pl.

3. To avoid errors connected with orders completion, as well as their improvement, the customers are asked to put indexes of purchased goods according to the signatures in the catalogue.(download)

Order completion

1. The order is completed in the following way - the order made to 11.00 a.m. from Monday to Friday – the same day – order made after 11.00 a.m. the same working day, on Saturday or day off – the next working day. – order completion of single bigger orders is fixed individually with the customer. Final forwarding of the delivery depends on the size of the order, place of delivery and forwarder.

2. The package is sent to the customer if given terms and conditions are completed (in particular: lack of overdue payments and non-exceeded overdraft). In the case when package forwarding is impossible, the customer is informed telephonically and another delivery date is fixed.

3. Package forwarding is made through forwarders in the form of pallet freight or parcels.

4. Packages are delivered to the customer in the following way: - the next working day after forwarding in the case of localities, to which packages are delivered by forwarders from 24 to 48 hours from the moment of forwarding (round 90% of the state area) Deadlines, described in point 4, does not refer to the products delivered to the customer on special terms. In the case of accessories from this category, delivery date is fixed individually after the order is made.

5. In special cases the Seller reserves his right to fix other than described in pt 4 delivery terms. About such case dachspin.pl representative informs the Buyer on the day of the package reception.

6. Packages to the Customer’s seat are delivered by forwarders.

7. The Seller does not foresee the possibility of return of purchased and delivered goods or their exchange to another product.

8. In the case of Euro pallet delivery, the cost of Euro pallet is counted among the costs of the purchased goods. There is a possibility of settling the account and return of Euro pallet to the Seller.

Courier service
Dachspin Box Bulk carton Pallet
TypeSizes small box (mm)PiecesBulk cartonPiecesPalletPieces
ClipSUM 120x100x7010060 cartons600015 cartons63000
SUD 100x120x10010042 cartons420015 cartons63000
SJ110x80x23010024 cartons240020 cartons48000
S2J90x70x34510020 cartons200020 cartons40000
SJN80x110x27010020 cartons200025 cartons50000
SHK120x100x70100 60 cartons600015 cartons90000
SHO120x100x7010060 cartons600015 cartons90000
SND100x120x1002542 cartons 105015 cartons15750
SK100x120x10010042 cartons420015 cartons63000
SMM100x120x1005042 cartons210015 cartons31500
 Fixing MKB380x280x150501 carton5020 cartons1000
MKG400x270x130501 carton5020 cartons1000

Working hours

1. From Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m to 4 p.m.
2. Package forwarding to the customers made from Monday to Friday.