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Small U roof clips

Small U roof clips

(concrete roof tiles: BRAAS, EURONIT, PRODACH, IBF...)

With surface slope more than 65% the roofs tile needs to be fixed with brackets and clips. Within the area of strong winds roof tiles should be fixed with brackets. Tile producers encourage also to apply brackets with the surface slope less than 65%. According to PN 71/B-10241 norm (Covering Works – Ceramic Tile Coverage – Requirements and Examination by commissioning) the rule of tile fixing is the following: all eave, side, ridge, ventilating, cut (roofs and baskets) if they don’t have two supports, should be fixed with the help of roof tile clips (brackets). Tile fixing on the surface depends on the angle of the roof depression, wind area and manufacturer’s recommendations and on the mansard roof all of them are obligatory. By fixing roof with the help of clips we prolong its durability. Our roof can “work” all the time and it doesn’t influence the condition of our roof. of a When using nails, we risk breaking the roof tile during “roof work”. The tile will break gradually. If you state roofer’s error based on the above-mentioned tips you should ask for fixing the roof under warranty! When using a clip behind patch you only need to take out side roof tile, by screw top tile and by fixing by the patch, top and side roof tile.

Chart: Small "U" clip

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